St Austell Feast Week 2013 was the first week of its kind in St Austell for over 70 years. St Austell, in the past, was famous for 'Feast Weeks' which were derived from days set aside for the commemoration of saints (of which Cornwall has hundreds). Throughout these weeks communities would get together and celebrate the week by playing traditional games, eating local food and providing charity for the poor of the community.

These weeks and 'Feasten Customs' reached their height of popularity in the Victorian era with Feast Weeks held over a 4 day period. Historically St Austell's Feast Week took place on the Thursday of Whitsun which was the Cornish Feast day of St Austol. Traditionally Feast Week in St Austell began on the Monday with a regatta in Charlestown, followed by a Feast in Mount Charles on the Tuesday, the town feast took place on the Wednesday and a final feast on the Thursday.

Feast Week 2016 will once again seek to recreate these traditions in the town in a modern way with gathering together of communities, having fun, moving and learning.

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